Tommy has written a two part series of mandolin instructional books, called Theory and Improvisation for the Modern Mandolinist, published by Mel Bay.


Theory and Improvisation for the Modern Mandolinist is a two-book series that teaches improvisation in many musical styles along with theory concepts and how they apply to the mandolin.

Each book provides access to different backing tracks and solo examples to help you learn. Every chapter includes scales presented in a variety of common formats: standard notation, tablature and fretboard charts. 

Volume 1, Building a Foundation, only requires that the reader can play notes and simple chords. It presents basic skills necessary for improvising over chord progressions found in all types of music.


Volume 2, Jazz and Beyond will expand your knowledge of theory by teaching you advanced chords, scales, and progressions. Sample solos and progressions are included at the end of each chapter to practice with the recordings. When finished with this book, you should feel confident improvising over any chord progression, and have a great understanding of jazz theory and how it applies to the mandolin. Includes access to online audio.

For more info and to purchase visit the Mel Bay website HERE